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Quorn Mills Park Bowls Club was established in the early 1920s for workers at Wright Mills factory, and initially for men only (ladies were allowed to join in 1938). Messrs Wrights who have been manufacturing on Leicester Rd Quorn since 1870 originally produced fabrics for the footwear and corset trades, the factory today now produces high technology textiles for various industries including military, aerospace and leisure. Previous to this from 1906 bowls was played on the vicarage lawn. Wrights supplied the bowls for their employees, Mr Sidney Wright son of William Wright was a keen bowler and organised inter-department matches.

The thatch roof pavilion was built prior to the bowls club being formed as they appeared in the council minutes June 1919 the Park. In 1987 Mr. Michael Wright gave permission for the club to erect a larger clubhouse as the thatch pavilion became too small to house all its members. Planning permission was granted by Charnwood Borough council and work soon started after. Alice Boon club secretary at the time had seen a prefab bungalow used by a boat chandler in Kegworth which would serve the purpose.